Reduced Emissions of TRansport aircraft Oper. by Fleetwise Impl. of new Tech

Grant agreement ID: 265867
Duration: November 2010 – February 2012


The RETROFIT project will analyze the possibilities and attractiveness to retrofit the large existing fleet of commercial airliners with new technical solutions. A new generation of airliners is only at the horizon. Existing aircraft still have a long life to serve. But the operational environment is changing. Airlines are confronted with emission trading limits, new noise rules, increasing fuel prices and new safety and security demands. Aircraft need to operate in a new ATM environment where older aircraft cannot comply with the new ATM standards. Furthermore the passengers expect to enjoy the highest levels of comfort possible.

The project will address the stakeholder requirements first. Based on that it will investigate current and future technology options to retrofit existing aircraft. The need to perform additional research to make retrofits attractive will be addressed as well as the question if specific research activities should be integrated in the Framework programs. The issue of design for retrofit will be addressed. Special attention will be given to certification as modified aircraft should be accepted as derivatives of existing types in order to keep certification time and cost as low as possible.

A cost benefit analysis will be made based on existing airline fleets and potential applications of new technical solutions. It will result in an assessment which airplanes can be retrofitted with what new technologies. Furthermore an assessment will be made about funding mechanisms for promising business cases. The results of the project will be widely disseminated. Promising cases can lead to a substantial economic activity in many European countries.