Collaborative Validation & Transfer of Regional Support Measures for Start-ups Creation & Growth in Five N.A.C. regions

Grant agreement ID: IPS-2001-41103
2003 – 2005


PRO PLUS is a European project supproting academic entrepreneurship. The objective of the project is to design an improved scheme and successful method to stablish regional programmes to stimulate the creation of profitable Start-ups, mainly New Technology Based Firms. The new method will be enhanced by validating and transferring expertise offered by 4 Member States – Spain, Austria, Germany and Greece to 5 regions in Newly Associated Countries: Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

In order to achieve this objective, individual methods from 4 Member States have been integrated into an overall framework conditions. Specific mechanisms, such as financing solutions, incubation procedures, training activities and entrepreneur identification approach will be set up. Partners from NAC and MS have collaborated in analysing “state of the art” in the NAC regions, assessing the transferability of the proposed methodology, customisation and developing regional workplans for the implementation of an adapted scheme. Regional authorities have been involved in organizing call for proposals and business plan competition. After the results of these competitions in each region Start-ups will be launched, and early stages of their business life will be monitored, assessing the functionality of support mechanisms.

Dissemination will be organized to spread best practice to other regions.