Noise Control Materials Thematic Network

Grant agreement ID: BRRT975024
Duration: February 1998 – January 2001


The objective of NOCOMAT Thematic Network is to organise co-operation between professional partners (from academic to end-users) in the field of Noise Control Materials.

Much research work has been done over the last two decades to model and predict noise generation in all industrial sectors, most funded by EU Programmes. At the same time, very little has been undertaken to improve the understanding of fibrous/porous viscoelastic materials used to reduce noise. The same is true for specific materials characterisation, instrumentation and improved end users information.

The Network groups eighteen partners covering all major aspects of a more efficiently operative noise control materials and related industries, not involved in EU Programmes. They will contribute their expertise to improve the state-of-the-art, better understand their market and share ongoing research programmes and contribute to promoting training and technology transfer. The European Materials industry shall benefit as a whole from the various co-ordinating activities planed by the NOCOMAT Network for the next three years.