Development of new Anti-Graffiti Coatings with improved properties

Grant agreement ID: G5ST-CT-2002-50192
Duration: May 2002 – April 2004


The main industrial objective of this project is to develop coating products for porous and non-porous substrates against graffiti. Two different ways will be explored: a) development of new resins and b) formulation of hybrid systems that combine the properties of different anti-graffiti products. The main properties of these treatments will be:

1. Unalterable aesthetics of the substrates (natural or industrial) after the treatment

2. Durability of the products. Be weather, snow, ice, rain and UV resistant, non-yellowing and allow adequate moisture vapor transmission. Other physico-chemical properties should remain, as well. The coating should be stable after the graffiti cleaning

3. Water-based coatings where chemically possible.

4. Easy cleaning of the graffiti by means of environmental friendly, simple and economic methods.

5. Coated substrates must be impermeable to graffiti but must be permeable to natural agents (for example, humidity).

6. Comply with all applicable air quality standards and have a non-toxic removal product.

The overall objective of this project is to make the small and medium size European paint manufacturers more competitive in a market with an important presence of multinational firms. By means of this project, these companies have the opportunity to tune their products for the particular antigraffiti needs of the final users.